Eldragonfly Barcelona


We started designing in 2013, beacuse we love designing and wanted to follow our dreams. We have made many mistakes on our journey, but we have learnt from them, and have not given up. we love designing, and we are very greatful, that  many customers who love them too. We believe that you should follow your dreams, our favorite expression is "Sigue Tus Sueños" (Is Spanish for) follow your dreams, believe in yourself .

We named the store Eldragonfly , El (is "the "in Spanish ) and "Dragonfly" which in many societys is a spiritual messenger of good news , positive words . So we loved it and we want to spread positive messengers around the world . We chose (Sigue tus sueños-Follow your dreams ) because at the the time so many people around us were going to give up their dreams , their passions , the things that make them feel alive , so we thought , to start and spread positive words that influence people's lifes.