EldragonFly Barcelona


All our designs are influenced from Barcelona´s Mediteranian historic city, and the vibrant beach and surf lifestyle.


If you love hoodies, and designs that are beach, surf and festival fashion ( And also a little different than other stores)
surf t shirt designed by eldragonfly ba

T shirts

Unisex beach, surf and festival fashion designs.
Plaza de la fiesta beach fashion flip flops ( diseño uno ) designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona

Flip flops

Unisex flip flops, for beach, surf fashion, festival fashion, and the gym.
Park Güell beach fashion shoes by eldragonfly Barcelona

Unisex shoes

Unisex shoes, for the beach, surf fashion, festivals,and day wear ( Designs that are a little different to the norm)
Marina Collection, surf and beach fashion dress, designe dby Eldragonfly Barcelona


Surf, beach and festival fashion dresses ( Designs that are a little different to the norm)
moda de playa surf style clutch designed by eldragonfly barcelona

Womens Clutch purse

Womens clutch wallets, with a beach, surf and festival style fashion (Designs that are a little different to the norm)
yellow and blue leopard print beachback,, designed by eldragonfly barcelona


Backpacks perfect for the beach, festivals, the gym, or just every day use
Ava Collection: Low waist leggings, Mediteranean tribal leggings, designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona


beach, surf, festival, and every day street fashion
Eldragonfly Barcelona surf and beach fashion beanie


For those beanie lovers

Here are some videos we made, see what you think!

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