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travelling spain to surf and have fun blog, by eldragonfly Barcelona

Travelling around Spain to surf and have fun!

A blog post about

Traveling Spain, to surf and have fun -Here are some ideas, and info!

A blog post about

Travelling around Spain to surf, and have fun

This blog is about travelling around Spain, and  some ideas where to surf and some ideas where to go and have fun. We love the idea of surfing and having fun, and we thought there must be millions of people in the world with the same idea, so we created this blog post, to give you some ideas, if your thinking about travelling around Spain. 

We love trying Spanish food, and there is so many types of food to try, plus the scenery, history and architecture varies as you travel around Spain. We have added some videos, so it creates some ideas, and helps you plan a trip.

( Number 7) Barcelona

Small to medium waves, with several surf schools along the coast. Barcelona also offers an  abundance of amazing restaurants, places to see, like the  Sagrada familia, Parc güell, and with a historic past of more than a 1000 years old in parts. Places to surf can be found from Barceloneta  up to the French boarder

(Number 6.) Razo: Playa de Razo, Rúa Paseo Arenal, Carballo, A Coruña, Galicia

Not huge waves, but has a consistance of waves. A beautiful coastline and an amazing place to learn to surf .

Playa de Razo, Rúa Paseo Arenal, Carballo  is aprox. 30 minutes drive from Coruña city centre

(Number 5.) EL QUEMAO, Canary Islands

Due to the fact that the Canary´s is hot most of the year, and it´s location in the world. It is a good place to surf for beginners and the more advanced


In 2021 there was a Volcanic eruption, ( in Las Palmas so if your planning on travelling, please check the government websites, or contact official operators. )

The Canary Islands have many places to surf for example. Fuerteventura, Tenerfie and Corralejo

(Number 4) . Playa De Somo, Cantabria

Small to medium waves, and an amazing place to relax, in bars, restaurants and around the amazing beachs.

Playa de Somo, is about  25 minutes drive from Santander. 

(Number 3) . Playa de Rodiles, Asturias.

An amazing place to surf, with spectaculat scenery.

There are 2 main cities Gijon ( 30 minutes from Playa de Rodiles) and Oviedo is about 45 minutes from there. 

Number 2. Meñakoz

High waves and rocks, this kind of surf is considered for those advanced surfers. Has a reputation for Euopes top surfers to surf here.

Playa de Meñakoz Barrika, is about 2o minutes from Bilboa in Northurn Spain

Number 1. Mundaka, Biscay, Basque Country, Spain

Located in Northern Spain in the Basque country, this is considered to be one one the best areas in Spain to Surf

This is Mundaka, it´s said to be one of the best surfing places in Spain.

This amazing seaside town is located about 30 minutes from Bilboa and an hour to San Sebastian 

(This list of top surf destinations was determined from our research, when we asked over 50 surfers in Spain,  “Where are the best places to surf” these were the results)

Here are some surfing boot camps in Spain, that might be helpful!

Surf packages around the Basque country 

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Surfing in Asturias

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Surf camps in Spain

Surfining boot camps in Spain, here are some ideas for you !

Worldwide surf boot camps

Some ideas around the world todo a surf boot camps

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