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Surf chic fashion and tips, from Barcelona

As my friend always says to me "Lets start at the beginning"

What is Surf Chic fashion

Surf chic fashion is described as “casual, and comfortable clothes, whilst living a beach lifestyle” However this also depends on the time of year, and where you are in the world.  So weather you love beach dresses, to surf style T shirts, to tropical summer prints, to logos. These are all consideres part of the surf chic fashion (according to the 50 people we asked in Barcelona ) In this blog we are trying show some ideas, tips and more about surf chic fachion ( Also all of the examples of  surf chic fashion, are  designs from  Barcelona 

Whether you love surf chic fashion for your vacations, for the beach or for every day use.This style of casual beach fashion style, is becoming more popular, especially as many of can work from home, or become digital nomads.

Surf Chic T shirt ideas?
perfecct to match with denim shorts, or leggings !

A Parc Güell, full colour T shirt

A full colour print T shirt, influenced from Parc Güell, in Barcelona 

womens surf tshirt, deigned by eldragonfly Barcelona

Surf chic surfer print tshirt

A surf chic t shirt with the words in Spanish  “Es un buen dia para surfear”
( In English it means ” It´s a good day to surf”)

A vibrant surf chic print T shirt

Vibrant surf chic fashion print 

Surf chic surfer van print

A surf chic style t shirt with the words, in Spansh ” Nacido para surfear” ( In English this mean ” Born to surf”)

Surf chic fashion:

 Is perfect for summer fun, whether it´s in your home town, the beach or just for your vacation. Easy to wear and comfortable casual wear for day to day lifestyle. 

beach fashion style eldragonfly barcelona
save the oceans eldragonfly barcelopna

"Save our Oceans" Tshirt

Are you passionate about sustainability and the environment, and you love to wear bold statements. Then this may be an idea for you

blue t shirt eldragonfly Barcelona

A Surf style fashion with only a logo design

This is a Meditearanean Ocean blue T shirt with a gold Eldragonfly Barcelona baroque logo, worn with beach fashion style shorts.

looking for beach fashion ideas, designed by eldragonfly Barcelona

Vibrant floral print

A tropical floral,  summer, vibrant print t shirt with the words “es hora de ir a la playa” in Spanish ( Which means “it’s time to go to the beach”)

Surf Chic T shirts

If you want to see more surf chic T shirt ideas. follow the link

If you like this tshirt, click on the image to see more! 

Beach and surf fashionstyle backpacks

Perfect for those beach adventures.

surf and beach fashion zebra print backpack designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona
Zebra print beachstyle backpack
Two tone zebra print, backpack with a two tone beach fashion style backpack, designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona
Summer print backpack designed by eldragonfly Barcelona
Mediteranean beach floral backpack
Mediteranean floral backpack with the words " Now is the time for us all togo to the beach " ( Written in Spanish) This beach fashion style backpack was designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona
Yellow and pink Tiger print Summer print backpack designed by eldragonfly Barcelona
Tiger print beachstyle backpack
Two tone tiger print, beach fashion style backpack.

Leopard print beachstyle backpack in yellow and blue

Click on  the image to see more about this backpack

Leopard print beachstyle backpack in fusia and blue

Click on  the image to see more about this backpack

Leopard print beachstyle backpack in green and orange

Click on  the image to see more about this backpack

Beach and surf style backpacks

To see our collection of backpack, follow the link

Surf chic beach dresses ideas!

Surf chic fashion tips !

Our tip are as follows :

1)We are based in Spain and the summers can be very hot, so it´s important to feel comfortable. 

2)Choose a print you really like, whether it´s a vibrant mix of colours, or just one or two colours. 

3) Try to avoid black and dark colour, in summer days, due to the heat and attracting more heat, which may be uncomfortable.  Black, and dark colours are perfect for the evenings, if you prefer dark colours.

4) Some people like to plan their outfits, so this surf dress is for for example, to plan to wear a surf chic dress on  San Juan ( A large summer festival in Barcelona) or this is for day to day, or this dress is for the beach after surfing. ( or just for the beach) 

Surf chic dress ideas!

Dress one - The green dress

1) An amazing green, vibrant, tie dye style, surf chic dress.

Dress two- Rainbow surf chic dress

2)A colourful rainbow style dresss, with words like Amor ( Spanish for love) and spiral symbols

Dress Three- Yellow and pink, surf chic dress

3) Yellow, pink and white swirls, in a surf chic fashion art style 

Service Four- A blue surf chic dress, with Ocean swirls.

4) Blue, and liliac swirls, ina a fashion art style.

To see more Surf chic dresses

follow the link below
Vibrant hoody designs from Eldragonfly Barcelona


Vibrant surf chic and beach style hoody prints, designed in Barcelona.

Hoody tips – When choosing a hoody, think about the practicality of what you want, a zip , pockets etc. Then where, and when you wear it. If it´s in Spain in April may be you only need it for the evenings. Or if its December , you may need to check the details of the weights. The heavier it is, usually it will have more layers, and keep you warmer. 

Extra tip – materials like cotton, and cotton mixs, will keep you warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summers

Hoody fashion, is perfect for those cold days, or when it starts off hot, and the sun goes down in the evening, and the cold winds apear. 

Here are some beach, vibe surf chic style prints on hoodies ( All the designs are from Barcelona) So if you love hoodies that are a bit different, may be this helps you if yo are thinking about a new hoody, for day to day wear, your holidays or even for a gift. 


Surf chic, beach and surf style fashion prints, designed in Barcelona ( Click on the link to se more)

For those flip flop lovers !

Beach and surf fashion flip flops

Thanks for taking the time  to read this blog post. Feel free to like, share and comment. 

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