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Positive summer fashion from Barcelona

And this is for all those surf fashion lovers!

We love to surf, and we love the beach lifstyle !

Positive Fashion and surf fashion designs from Barcelona.

 Some people love the idea of positive vibes, beach life, surf lifestyle, and a beach vibe !
Some people believe thats the meaning to life, is to enjoy your life more, whether its sunbathing, time with friends, and family on the beach, having dinner parties with friends, going surfing, playing the drums, etc.
What do you think ?
With positive vibes, its the start in the right direction, for an amazing, enjoyable life?
Some people say, enjoy the little moments, you never know what might happen 
Positive life Collection: "Positive Mind, Positive Life, Positive vibes" Summer T shirt fashion, designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona
Positive life Collection: "Positive Mind, Positive Life, Positive vibes" Summer T shirt fashion
Positive Mind, Positive life, and positive vibes T shirt

Positive quote T shirts, tell the world your message, follow your dreams,
do what you love, create the life you you want to wake up to every day !

What kind of T shirts do you like?

Summer beach style ? Positive life quotes ? Surfer T shirts ?

We love surf fashion, and beach fashion lifestyle, whether you love to go to the beach or you love surfing, or you love surf fashion in the city. 

Here´s are some ideas for you !

Positive T shirt designs, perfect for the beach, the streetwear, the gym and day to day

T see our designs, follow the link: https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/ElDragonflyBarcelona

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