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We are a design based business , Established  in 2013.We love Barcelonabeach style ,but we are also influenced , by the old parts in Gothic quarter which are aproximetly 2000 years old , and other areas like the Eixample , which is very old and has amazing architecture , to Gaudis amazing building across the city , for example the sagrada familia , Parc guel, casa batllo, and many other amazing parts of Barcelona .

 (These are our new yoga designs 2019,

This image was taken in Bogatel , in Barcelona )


Yoga is huge in Barcelona , and may other places around the world , many people asked us to design, something comfortable , with a high waist, pockets , a very flexible material. and something vibrant , happy . So we created many designs : this is just one of our designs .

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This is a bag we designed , with one of our core sayings " Sigue tus sueños " which means ( follow your dreams in Spanish ) we have had times in our life , when you think , nothing is working , and you don´t know which path to follow , and over the years , we have met so many people, who are the same. So we we made this one of our core quotes , so that people can feel good , and follow their desires, whether its  to be come a hair dressser, writer , artist , taxi driver , yoga teacher , or to find their true romantic love. 

We beleive aiming for your dreams , makes people feel good 


Outside Casa Batllo in Barcelona

(outside Casa batllo in Barcelona )

Parc Güell , unise T shirt designed by us , however influence by Antoni Gaudis Parc Güell (Built in 1900)

parc guell

 We love Barcelona , it is rich in history and design , we beleive this creativity influences our design . There are some amazing places !

parc guell t shirt

 casa batllo

(On the roof top of Casa Batllo in Barcelona )