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Looking for flip flops, but can´t find what you want, flip flop designs from Barcelona

I asked many of my friends about flip flops, most said they liked this brand or that one, but one person said ” I don´t want flip flops one or two block colours, she said I want vibrant happy flips” She also said, she only uses flip flops on her holidays, in the gym, and when she gets out of the shower at home. 

So the idea was born ! 

Flip flop challenge !

We started to create some designs, and more designs, then a collection of designs:

From Ultimate gray flip flops to “These are my lucky flip flops” with vibrant happy colours.

Where do you wear flip flops, I think it depends on youyr lifestyle and where you live !

 Depending on where you live in the world, some people love to use flip flops every day, or everyday in the summer, some people use them only, on their holidays, other people use flip flops when they come out the shower, or when they go to the gym only. 

We think that when  your wear flip flops you feel more comfortable,

what do you think ?

Here are some of our flip flop designs, to see more follow this link https://eldragonfly.com/product-category/products/flip-flops/

From black and gold flip flops, to “ultimate gray” flip flops to vibrant happy flip flops see the quick video, for “The flip flop designs from Eldragonfly Barcelona” 

Beach fashion flip flop designs from Eldragonfly Barcelona. Influenced from the vibrant Mediteranean beach lifestyle, here are some samples, to see more, follow this link: https://eldragonfly.com/?s=flip+flops

Do you think many places have similar flip flops, and you can always find what you want, or you prefer something similar to the designs we have shown you ?

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and feel free to comment, like and share below.

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