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if your looking for surf beach and med fashion eldragonfly Barcelona

If your looking for Surf, beach, and Mediteranean fashion thats a little different this article, may be for you !

This blog is about beach T shirt designs, that are a little different from the main stream fashion. So  if you love surf fashion, beach fashion, and Mediteranean culture, this kind of fashion may be for you ! 

And this is for all those surf fashion lovers!

If you love animal prints? This two tone leopard print design with turquoise and a golden yellow print, could be great idea for your beach fashion wardrobe?

Living on the Mediteranean, there is so many things to do, one thing is to surf. This is a surf tshirt with the words ” Nacido para surfear ” (Which is Spanish for ” Born to surf”)   (Click on the image if you want to see more.) 

This is Parc Güell, (underneath) which was constrcuted over a 100 years ago, in Barcelona. We love designs, that are a bit different, we think that it make the places more interesting.  If everywhere in the world looked the same, it would be a very different place! 

parc guell photo by eldragonfly Barcelona
parc guell photo by eldragonfly Barcelona

This is a limited edition Tshirt design, influenced from Eldragonfly Barcelona (click on the image to see more!)

Barcelona, has several surf schools, and a vibrant, beach lifestyle culture. From cafes, to clubs, to beach festivals, and amazing beach parties like San Juan in June. 

“Today is a good day to surfing ”  ( This is what the Tshirt says in English) If you love surf culture and beach life, this design could bea great idea for the beach?

Mediteranean surf fashion style   floral print T shirt. Perfect for those chill out days! 

party girl with an eldragonfly barcelona t shirt

A Mediteranean floral print

Floral prints influenced from Mediteranen flowers and the vibrant summer culture. 

San Flor Collection: Unisex turquoise floral shoes with a blue background.

Floral print shoes

Two tone floral print design.

Ava Collection: Low waist leggings, Mediteranean tribal leggings, designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona

Mediteranean Tribal print leggings

Tribal print leggings, with a floral design

eldragonfly floral tshirt

Floral print Tshirt

Spanish lace, with a Mediteranean print

A beach and surf fashion floral print, designed in Barcelona 

mens surf t shirt designed by eldragonfly barcelona

Floral print hoody

Ruby Flor Collection: Unisex blue floral Hoodie ( XS-3XL) designed by eldragonfly Barcelona

Beach and surf fashion floral hoody, perfect for those cold evenings 

Floral print shoes

Eldragonfly turquoise floral sneakers

Beach fashion style shoes for your vacation, everyday wear or for adventures 

Floral acid print backpack

Summer print backpack designed by eldragonfly Barcelona

Perfect for the beach, and adventures 

To see more designs from Eldragonfly Barcelona

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  1. My girl friend loves this style of fashion, I had no idea to be honest, I just wanted to buy her something; This article gave me some ideas. it´s a great article.

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