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Fashion designs influenced from Barcelona blog, designed by eldragonfly barcelona

Fashion designs influenced from Barcelona

Barcelona has so much history, which dates back to the first centurty BC, and has developed a thriving culture, with it´s own language, art, food, and culture. Several famous artists lived here, from Pablo Picasso, to  Antoni Gaudi, to may others. 

Walking around the streets of Barcelona , its full of old buildings with its own uniquness, and charm. This blog shows the amazing designs, that are influenced from this amazing city, and the Mediteranean culture, in Barcelona.

montjuic barcelona eldragonfly

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parc guel eldragonfly barcelon blog
parc guel eldragonfly barcelon blog

Above are some images of  Parc Güell

This is  Parc Güell Collection, ( designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona) which is influenced from the  love of Antoni Gaudi´s amazing architecture. His creative vision was amazing and he was ahead of his time, in creting are the architecture. ( He started this amazing architecture 1900- 1914) 

We digitalized our images and digitally enhanced the images.

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La Pedrera (Casa Milà) building in Barcelona, was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi from 1906-1912

We asked several people, and asked them what they thought about these flip flops, some said they are amazing, and they had never seen flip flops like this. Others said they had been to La Pedrera and loved it, some loved the idea of Barcelona on a flip flop, others loved the fact it was one colour, so they were easy to match. Some said they don´t wear flip flops, and some said its not their style. One person was an architect, he absolutly loved them the grey ones. 

We also asked them, where would you wear them. The majority of people said the beach, one person was from the south of France, she said I wear flip flops everyday in the summer. Another person was from New York, he said ” I only wear flip flops for the shower the gym, and on my holidays” We also asked someone else she was from Barcelona, she loved the two tone flip flops of La Pedrera, she said ” From March to Septermber, I wear flip flops most days, depending on the wheather.”

Where would you wear these flip flops ? For the gym, the shower, flip flops for the beach, flip flos for every day life, or where ?

sagrada familia by eldragonfly barcelona

This hoody design is influenced from the “Sagrada Familia ” we love this amazing building, in our opinion, its like no onther building in the world.

On the 19th March 1892, “The Sagrada Familia” was started to be built, the main architect was Antoni Gaudi; it is still being constructed today. ( It is predicted to be finished in 2026)

Sagrada Familia Street fashion yellow hoody, designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona

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We love Barcelona, and these designs are influenced from there!

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Other designs from Barcelona

Barcelona is a city on the Mediteranean coast, and is  aproxiamatley 2 hours drive  from the French border. It also  has a very vibrant beach and city vibe, which influences its lifestyle. From the vast restaurants, clubs, surf and water sports schools, to beach volley ball, evening runs along the coast, or even an early morning strole. Together with 1000´s of years of history and the old city walls are said to be over 1000 years old, this city is rich in culture, from modern times architecture to Antoni Gaudi, to the old part of the city behind the cathedral and the El Born quarter.

eldragonfly barcelona surfer girl
mens surf t shirt designed by eldragonfly barcelona


Colourful Mediteranean prints

The Mediteranean has a rich history as its geographicaly on the edge of Europe with   the middle East and Africa. So it has a long history of influences and developing its own culture concerning, art, music etc.

Also many plants and species that only exist in this part of the world. Many of the following  designs are a vibrant Mediteranean beach and surf style fashion prints 

What do you think ? Perfect for beach and city life? Beach fashion style? Or where would you wear these designs ? 

eldragonfly barcelona, tropical beach mens t shirt designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona
eco hoody eldragonfly Barcelona
save our oceans eldragonfly Barcelona

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, and thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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2 thoughts on “Fashion designs influenced from Barcelona”

  1. I visited Barcelona about 4 years ago, the architecture and history was amazing, I loved the fact it was a city with a coastline. I saw this article and I thought that seems interesting, so I continued to read. I have to say I loved it.

  2. Camila Jane Flor

    I saw these designs, and I instantly loved them. I love fashion thats a little different! I was looking for clothes and nothing stood out, then I found these and I thought WOW !!

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