Eldragonfly Barcelona

Designer yoga fashion from Barcelona

Designer yoga fashion  from Barcelona
Barcelona is an amazing city , with history , art , music, beach life , fashion  and popular cuture.
We love yoga , which is very popular in Barcelona and many places around the globe . We also love to design , so we thought why not, design some amazing leggings and tops . (So we did !)
eldragonfly yoga
We love the use of colour , but also contrast and balance , so we designed some amazing yoga designs . 
Yoga for us is an amazing way to keep fit , help with breathing ,  good for the body and spiritualism (in our opinion) we love the fast you can do it in your own home , or what we prefer, is to go on the beach or to the pier .
yoga eldragonfly barcelona
Before we started designing , we asked many people , what they liked and didnt like, our reserch showed that many cases the clothes would rip , the elasticity wasnt strong enough , and many people prefered a higher waist, as to help them with the yoga movements . so we added these values to our designs .
We also love the practability of the product , so we found a material, which has a four-way stretch, which means fabric stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains, which is perfect for yoga . 



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