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Advice -How to shop: Part 1

Advice -How to shop: Part 1

Advice "How to shop "

We live in a world surrounded by advertising, they are the best , we are the best etc. However we believe it´s important to know how to shop, something which the majority of the population do many times in their lives .

I dont know if you, ever went shopping with your granny , some one of a mature age, or they passed on these skills , or even you or someone you know learn´t or studied this in College. If you notice they will read the label , touch the material , look at the sweing seams , sometimes stretch the fabric, hold up to the light to examen it , and in some cases feel the weight . 


Over the last 10 years at least a growing term has grown in the clothing industry "Cut, Make , Trim " for example you see two images of clothes , fabric etc . they look the same on the photo 

Cut - to cut the material , item of the clothing look the same shape 

Make - make the item look the same 

50% wool and 50% acrlic , with a heavey weight and extra large size

Height 66CM
length 166CM

80% Viscose

20% wool 

(with a lovely soft feel)


Trim - is to take the shape , size , measurement and make it with less material, and inferior material , eg. if the origonal items is 200grams and o.5 cm thick they may half , normally do this and instaed of wool, they  use acrylic . 

 our aim is to educate those who love to shop , we interviewed many elderly people last christmas, many of them were shown as a young age , how to sew , how to knitt , how to make dresses , sweaters  etc . many of the people we spoke to believe the young should be educated in this lost skill , may be in some schools and college its compulsory , we can´t speak for all the places in the world . 

What are your opinions ?


  • Simon Rowell
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