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Is it a good “IDEA” to follow your dreams ?

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Many of us spend 39 hours a week, or even more within the work. Some love their jobs, some hate it and some say blah blah,and some say ” I need the money thats it. “

My question is, do we have a choice ?How do we find our perfect job ? Or what do we love to do ? To follow our passion ?

Once we have found what our dream is,  then what ? Is it like a miracle we suddenly start work ? We may need to resarch, change jobs, ask professionals for help, read books, listen to podcasts etc.

What do you think?

I had a conversation with my a close friend the other, they said they had worked for the firm for 20 years, they´re not happy. I asked him why work there, why not look for something else ? He said he tried several years ago, after he heard nothing back, he gave up. He also  told me, he had been doing extra studying, but he still didn´t get noticed, within his company.

So he gave up ! 

Is this the right thing to do ? Or what do you think ? Ask your boss? study ? Work in your spare time ? (If your spare time is limited, because of family, like my friend. He has 2 children, he said I don´t have spare time !) I said even if its one hour a day, get up early thats still 30 hours a month. (one hour a day)

I asked many people, the same question, (Why is it important to follow your dreams?) One of them said “For 7  years I worked in admin, dreaming of being a musician, listening to podcasts, playing the guitar every night.”

Then 2  years ago she went crazy, thinking to herself I have to do something ( The work drove her mad etc.) She started  recording music and adding it to spotify etc. After 2 years, she was lucky, and much happier, she sang  when I saw her ” No more admin any more.”

Whether you love admin, love to play the guitar, a partner to love, a dream house, to travel,or what ever it is, take a few minutes and think what do you what ?

We work on avereage 39 hours a week, and if we have 3 weeks off is 1,911 hours a year. Some say its not possible, no one I know follows their dreams.

As my firend says, “Every where we look are peoples dreams” When we watch films, series, social media, ( from the actors to the bloggers) or see  the buildings outside, the table, the computer in the living room, etc. ( people´s dreams to create these things)

Many of those things, started as someones dream. 

What is a personal legend ?

This person went from cleaning the toliets to following their dreams

How do you know what your passion is ? 

Some one told me once, do what makes you happy ? I said I have no idea, so I tried many things, and I thought I definetly know what I doesn´t make me happy, then one day. I started to design, and create things. I felt alive inside (My think the secret to life,  is to do what makes you feel alive inside.) So I designed and designed, and created these shoe designs. 

This is some of my designs below I hope you like them.

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I was searching one day, and came across this Ted talk, I love it, I hope you like it too. 

Some positive words from Oprah. 

Thank you for reading this blog I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to, like, share it with a family member, or firend, and it´ll be great if you can  comment below. 

Thanks so much for your time. I hope you start the idea of following your dreams today!

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11 thoughts on “Is it a good “IDEA” to follow your dreams ?”

  1. I think everyone should follow their dreams to feel more fulfilled in life. Nothing is worse than working somewhere where you don’t feel appreciated. Most places you work for don’t value their workers and would replace you the next day if you died. Get that college course, study as much as you can. Money is a great incentive but being fully happy is more beneficial. I guess it also depends on the person too, some are just happy to have money to put a roof over their heads, heat- electricity and food in their bellies. I myself went and did all the courses I could do for my dream job and with not getting the opportunity from companies and now with covid the dream is further away.
    You have to ask yourself how hard do you push and tire yourself out it’s just not working out? Companies especially are to blame I feel when they want young, energetic, bright eyed employees but who have 10+ years experience in the field. How so,when nobody gives them the chance to begin with?

    I say work as hard as you can do make your dream happen but if it’s not happening because of outside sources, well at least you can say you tried. You got the experience and education so it wasn’t all a loss. You still achieved something and be proud of yourself regardless!

  2. Great read!

    I think life is too short to do anything but live out our dreams. We should actively use our day job salary where possible to start a side business or invest to grow our income, the main reason people don’t follow their dreams is either down to lack of confidence or lack of capital. We as individuals must learn how to improve in both these areas in order to enable us to live out our dream lifestyle!

  3. Roberto Torres

    I love your blog post, when I was younger I was told I´d never be good at anything. Then I had an accident, I was stuck in my house for 6 months to a year. I just played music every day. and applying for mucic colleges, every where ! then after a while I got a scholarship in New York. (My life had begun) I think go for it, don´t give up, no matter what happens. Thanks, I realey enjoyed your blog post.

  4. Good Afternoon everyone. I love this blog, it´s so true, in my opinion.
    Go for it follow your heart, do what makes you happy. Thanks for the great blog post

  5. Kevin Robinson

    In my opinion, we usually know what we love to do, if not we definetly know what we don´t love, and after a while we find our calling. Go for it, make your life great.

  6. I´ve wanted to be an artist since I was young, my parents said it´s a crazy idea, so I studied finance. Three yeqars ago, I went back to art, and sketched every day. In November I got my art liscienced, it felt so good to know my dreams are coming true.

  7. My dream was to find true love, I met my partner several years ago. She´s amazing. My dreams came true!

  8. When I was in school, my teacher said to me, I was stupid and I have no future. She told me, I should find a man, have a baby and thats my life. I thought to myself maybe one day I´ll find love and have a family, but if I want to have a career, why not, it´s my life! So I worked in a bar, and by day I would study. Five years later I want back to my home town, and I saw her crossing the road. It felt great to tell my ex-teacher I had done well in my carrer life.

  9. My dream was to travel to Europe, I worked for 2 years, in a restaurant, and anything else I could find. Last year I went to Scotland, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam. Wow it was amazing. I definetly think; aim for what you want and go for it !

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