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30 ideas to help you start your own business n1

30 ideas to help you start your own business

30 ideas to help you start your own business n1

The idea of this article is to help you start your own business,start a side hussel, or to give you ideas to develop your existing business.

Make a decision what kind of thing you want to do? Sell a product, provide a survice? And also what excites you, what ideas, make you feel so excited ? Then once you have some ideas, do some research, whethr it´s patent research, brand name, your local community, or it´s the internet, see if your brand name or patent is taken, or if it exists, and if it does what is the demand, if the idea doesn´t exist what is the demand, what is the potential of this idea. 

Business planning

digital marketing

A business plan, can give you more clarity, to what needs to be done (follow the link to see the aray of people who may be aible to help you make a business plan- ask questions, and see which one best suits you)

One of the most important things to know in business is, will your business be profitable? And also other questions for example; Will the business give me a salary? How much do I need in sales per week, cover costs? What information do I need, to help my busiiness grow? Do I need to develop my own skills ? What is my predicted income per year, and how many units or services will I need to sell? How many clients will I need per day, per week, per month etc ? Do I need to do some research, testing the market, before I start the business ? If so how and what do I need to do?

Fiverr Pro.

This is where you can find the hand vetted freelancers, 24 hour customer support, and much more. Follow the link to see more

If you love the idea of a fashion business, from designing, and more

There are many parts to the fashion industry, from t shirt design, to a manufacturing design pack, to fashion marketing, fashion models, and more (Follow the link to see more)

lets go to surfing, t shirt plus size , designed by eldragonfly barcelona
womens surf tshirt, deigned by eldragonfly Barcelona

I think most of us like the idea of receiving a free holiday!

So whether your a website owner and you want to run a competition to attract email sign ups, or your a marketing manger, or you work in a company and you want to promote  vacations to incentivise your teams. Then this may be for you ! 

(Follow the link to see the list of vacations places we have available)

Social media is an important part of marketing your business, may be you have one social media chanel, may be you have several. A social media manger, can help you manage your social media, whilst you can concentrate on other roles within the business.

Content development

Content development, is  very popular for peoples businesses. Content development is anything from blog making to custom courses etc.


surf chic organic hoody designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona
Sagrada Familia Street fashion yellow hoody, designed by Eldragonfly Barcelona
Selva de Mar Collection: Unisex beach fashion style hoody (XS-3XL) designed by Eldragonfly barcelona
Park Güell beach fashion shoes by eldragonfly Barcelona
Barceloneta Collection: Unisex beach fashion style canvas shoes- design numero uno designed by eldragonfly Barcelona

Marketing is said to be the one of the main ingredients, which helps your business grow and attracts more customers,. Whether the customer buys once or they buy continuosly.
( If you want to see some marketing freelances, follow the link)

Video freelances

Video freelances, can make any ideas you have, or you can choose a style of video, to help you market your products on social media, or a video for training, product manuals etc . Also there freelances for  video editing and losts more; follow the link below to see more. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media, is now considered to be so important. So  whether you have time to make posts, or you want someone to manage your social media, or advise you on social media, or even to take a course on social media marketing. (See the links below) Social media in todays world is considered to be one of the keys to a successful business and building your customer community.

Below is an example of a social media post, asking your followers, which is there favorite products? So there is an interaction and feedback relating to your products.

eldragonfly barcelona questionaire 2

Whether your looking for a simple “Ad copy description ” or an engaging copy, that creates a high conversion ads on many types social media.  (Follow the link to see more)

Social media editing is very popular due to the impact of the  video social media world, and it can be quite time consuming and it can be difficult at times to edit videos. (follow the link to see more)

Here is a quick example of a brand video

Business can be complex, so sometimes a business coach can help you develop your business ( or if your a businesss coach you can coach people here)

Content creation, is any content, from blogs, social media to websites. Whether your results are successful, medieum or slow, sometimes its good to expand to other markets. The best way to do this is with different languages. (Follow the link to see more)

If you love the idea of Tshirt designs, and your not sure how to design, or you have a great idea, and you need the idea changed to a format, or drawn and digitalized. (This link might help you)

One of the main ideas of a business, is to sell your services or/and your products, so we have found some ideas to boost the sales of your business (follow the link to see more)

Brand style

Your brand style, is everything from your logo, to the colour contrast, in your website blogs etc. Brand style could be several things, from the theme of your brand, whether it´s envireonmental, fun, high quality, entry level pricing, quality with medium pricing, luxury fashion, or what ever it is, it´s a good idea to write down what kind of brand style you want, and how to push the potential, and have transparency of your brands identity on all platforms (To see more follow the link)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ERP software solutions cover, for example; bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting, stock managment, planning, production, CRM, reporting, inventory managment etc.

SEO- Search engine optimization

SEO- These are the words, that you looking for, in your search engine. For example “fashion”. there will be millions of words, and at the top of the page there is usually paid promotions (Depending on the word and popularity prices may be cheap or expensive. But it all depends what you want. If you want to get noticed on these search engines, you need the right words, in your blogs, website, etc. Depending on your budget and where you are in terms of business, whether your new, established, or in the middle, you will need SEO. So there are business online who will help you find these words, but usuaally it can be costly per month. But if you want some words, then fiverr freelances can help. However make a decison what you want one word, or what can be more beneficial is something called longtale words. For example you live in London, and you live in Chelsea, you want to aim at a Chelsea style, with a London image, then you at several words together. Or your a local painter, so you would want the words painter, home interior painting, chelsea, London, England, for example.

If you have a large project and you need help?

Fiverr studios” This is where you might have a large project, and you need a team of specialists, This is where you have one manager who deals with all the specialists, while you can concentrate on your main roles in the business

In today´s society we have so much information at our finger tips, so whether it´s data managmenet, data processing, data analystics, data visualizationa and data science, this kind of information can be beneficial to your business ( Follow the link to see more)

Music and audio, can add atmosphere, image and much more to your videos, social media etc. (Follow the link to see the 100´s of freelances )

Thanks for reading our blog, and feel free comment and share.

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